Downloadable Music Websites

Written by Scott Martin
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Downloadable music websites are a quick and effective way to acquire new music. At any time of day, you can pursue, select, download, and enjoy music from the convenience of your home or office. You music purchases are no longer restricted by business hours or shipping times.

Considerations for Music Websites

In selecting music websites from which to download your music, you need to be aware of how their systems operate. Some stores work on a subscription basis while other websites allow you to download a song and have unlimited use of it. One drawback of subscription sites is that you are only able to listen to music you have downloaded while you continue to pay your subscription fees.

Additionally, some music websites apply various restrictions on how you can use the music. Some sites control the number of times you can listen to a song. Others limit you to using the download only on one computer or with a limited number of music devices. It is important to check and determine if you can burn the music you have downloaded to a CD.

There are many different formats of digital music such as OGG, AAC, WMA, and MP3. Not all devices are compatible with all of these formats. If you are not sure which format to download, as a general rule, most computers and devices support importing and playing the MP3 format.

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