Independent Christian Artists

Written by Scott Martin
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With Christian music, as with secular music, there are many independent artists who are not signed with a major record label. Having a record contract is not necessarily a sign of inferior music. Often times an artist will not have the resources or contacts to approach a record label.

This creates an environment where the music of many talented artists is not available to the public. There is little demand for a song that is not played on the radio and is not available to purchase. Often the music of independent Christian artists is only known to those in a small region who have heard the group or have been told about them.

How to Find Independent Christian Artist

Often independent Christian artists play at churches and church events. You can frequently purchase cassettes and compact disks directly from the artists. However, you are then limited to buy music that you have experienced in person.

A useful way to broaden your musical horizons is to visit websites that specialize in distributing independent Christian music. You can discover wonderful music from artists around the world by listing to audio samples on these sites. This way you are assured that you are only purchasing music that you know you will enjoy listening to.

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