Messianic Jewish Music

Written by Scott Martin
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Messianic Jewish music is often based directly on scripture from the Old Testament. There is great respect for the word of G-d in this community and hence the emphasis of his word in their music. In this music, G-d is not worshiped out of a sense of obligation.

In Messianic Jewish music, the Lord is worshiped because he is the Lord. The worship grows out of love and devotion to him. In addition to being scripturally based, the music tries to encourage the Messianic message.

Principals in Messianic Jewish Music

It is important, to0, that one is present when singing or listening to Messianic Jewish music. If one is not present, they are not truly serving the Lord. If you are not present, you cannot be available to hear from him.

However, one needs to be more than just present and available. One needs to be willing to accept the Lord and be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Only when these conditions are met can an individual truly reach the potential that G-d has laid out for them. The points are also not only for engaging with the music but are often a message contained in the Messianic Jewish music itself.

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