Messianic Music

Written by Scott Martin
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Messianic music is a combination of the Jewish and Gospel music genres. It is a very lively style of music and played in 4/4 time and usually is played in a minor key. As with Jewish music, the clarinet plays a distinct role.

Messianic Music Lyrics

The language of the music reflects the blend of musical traditions--song are sung in either English or Hebrew. G-d is at the forefront of the music. This is why direct quotes from the scripture are often used as lyrics. When the lyrics are not directly from the scriptures, they are at least based on the scriptures.

Because of the importance of the scripture, the words are the most important aspect of the song. The melody is hence used to enhance the words. Additionally, Messianic music is marked by referring to "Jesus" in the Jewish way of Yeshua.

Messianic music is frequently sung during worship services. This is often facilitated by projecting the words on a screen or wall for easy viewing. Additionally, the lyrics are used as points of discussion, studying the liturgy of the Hebrew.

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