Messianic Praise

Written by Scott Martin
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The word of G-d is critical to the Messianic praise. This is because faith is based on hearing the word of G-d. The source for these words is the bible, which is seen as the inspired word of G-d and is infallible.

Steps in Messianic Praise

Consequently, the importance of the word of G-d is one reason that Messianic worship music is often based on the scriptures. This ensures that the word of G-d is able to reach the individual. This relationship of the individual with G-d is another characteristic of Messianic Judaism.

Messianic worship can be done by an individual or a group of individuals. Those filled with the Holy Spirit come together to create an assembly. The first step in speaking with Yesuha is recognizing that a person is human.

As the true believers come together, they are filled with the Holy Spirit. This spirit calls upon the Messiah who then praises G-d for the congregation. Therefore, it is through believing in the Messiah, that the individual or group is able to reach G-d.

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