Messianic Worship

Written by Scott Martin
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There are two focuses of Messianic worship. The first object of worship is the Messiah, Yeshua, and the second object is G-d. Worship is not out of a sense of obligation or ritual; rather, He is worshiped because He is the Lord.

Messianic worship can be accomplished directly by an individual or in a group. In order to worship, an individual or a group of true believers must be brought together. These individuals must recognize that they are only human and humble. As people praise the Messiah, he enters and begins to worship god.

Messianic Worship and Prayer

One significant difference between Jewish worship and Messianic worship is the direct object of worship. In Orthodox Judaism, the Lord G-d is directly worshipped. While in Messianic worship, G-d is being worshiped, but the worship is occurring through the Yeshua.

In the course of Messianic worship, those who believe are joined with Yeshua. Thus, these Messiah worship God through the body of the true believer. In English, the Messiah is refereed to as Jesus. However, this is a translation from the Hebrew Yeshua, which also means, Salvation, Lamb of G-d or Word of G-d.

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