New Christian Songs

Written by Scott Martin
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One of the purposes of Christian music is to help people be in God's presence. For this, people must be active participants with the worship and not just vehicles for the words. New Christian songs are continuously written and released and can provide this connection with the Lord.

Reasons for Using New Christian Music

However, people have different opinions on the effectiveness of different styles of music. Some people are inclined to sing hymns. They believe that hymns have greater theological content and explore topics to a greater depth than praise music. However, some critics say that the language is more difficult to follow and thus does not engage people as well.

Conversely, some see the repetition and contemporary language used for praise and worship music as a vacuous music form. For many, these same properties make praise music more accessible. By focusing on scripture and making the central message of a song clear, it can be easier for people to connect with the Spirit. Because the lyrics are repetitious, people can learn the song quickly and focus more on the meaning than remembering the words. Additionally, plain language and engaging melody can be useful in drawing people into the church.

According to scripture, people need to be active participants in worship. Regardless of the genre, when the music becomes rote or is sung without regard to the lyrical content, it begins to lose meaning. One way to engage people is by introducing new Christian songs.

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