New Praise Songs

Written by Scott Martin
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The scriptures charge believers to "sing a new song" unto the Lord. While some believers are most comfortable with the same songs they have sung since youth, there is merit in introducing new songs into your worship. With each new expression, words come alive, often bringing about more thought and sincerity. Otherwise, we can run through the same song so many times, it becomes more repetitive than meaningful.

Of course, each new praise song ought to have a few qualities, regardless of its genre. It should be a pure, "vertical" expression to God, and should never contradict the scriptures. Another good guideline is to include new praise songs that adapt scripture to music, so that believers might memorize, or "hide God's word in their hearts" to avoid sin, as the Bible instructs.

There seems to be a symbiotic relationship between congregational use of praise songs and album releases. Many songs on contemporary Christian music collections are harvested from the songs already sung in congregational worship. However, many of the songs integrated later into congregational worship originate, or are made popular, by their inclusion and circulation on praise compilations.

Finding New Praise Songs

One of the best ways to locate new, biblical praise and worship songs is to find independent artists. Because these artists tend to record originally written songs, their offerings are usually more original in sound and themes. The independence from the mainstream Christian market also allows more room for creativity, producing songs with an authentic and brand new inspired feel. While some of these compilations are available through the artists themselves, or small catalogues, many independent artists are now opting for online distribution through MP3 technology. This has allowed for greater distribution and lower cost for the listener, while presenting new artists and new praise songs in the process.

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