New Worship Music

Written by Scott Martin
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A choir or musical director of a church is always seeking new worship music for his or her congregation. This is an important responsibility because it helps establish the tone of a service. The music must fit with the comfort level of the assembly.

Selecting New Worship Music

The music must speak to the people. For people who have not grown up in a religious tradition, the formality and language of hymns can be distracting. It is important to meet people with language they are comfortable with. Otherwise, the songs will be without meaning.

New worship music is often useful because of how it can engage the congregation. These songs are sung in praise to God and usually focus on one theme. The lyrics are repetitious in nature making the word easier to remember. It is easier to understand the meaning of these songs since they are thematically simpler.

However, new worship music does not necessarily need to replace traditional songs. These hymns can be comforting and reassuring to some. Regardless, it is important to find the appropriate balance of new worship music and traditional songs.

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