Worship Songs

Written by Scott Martin
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Worship songs have long since been described as "vertical music." This term is used to express songs which encourage us to relate directly to God himself on a personal basis. Whereas other types of Christian music might serve to instruct, or encourage, worship songs usher the participant into the presence of the Lord, and are a heartfelt expression directly to Him.

Types of Worship Songs

Traditionally, hymns were the staple for most congregations every Sabbath day when they gathered. These time-honored songs were usually centuries old, and proclaimed the glories of God. However, many times these hymns were written in archaic language and poetic phrasing that made it difficult for some modern believers to comprehend and fully mean the words they spoke. Other hymns became so familiar that their meanings were made obsolete by sheer repetition.

While the church today still reveres and integrates most of these hymns, the need arose for fresh expression of worship. Worship songs began to set the scripture to song, and also to reword biblical praise in modern language, for heartfelt expression. The rise of praise and worship music allowed believers to reiterate their faith, commitment, and thanks to God for all that He is and all that He does.

Scripture teaches us that worship is an integral part of the Christian life. The Psalms show us both the intimate bearing of the human soul before God, and the praise that precedes and ensues when He intervenes. Through the learning and integration of worship songs, we experience a closeness with the Lord, and create an atmosphere where we surrender to God and His will.

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