Classic House Music

Written by Charles Peacock
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House is one of the oldest types of modern electronic dance music, having debuted over 20 years ago in the warehouse dance clubs of Chicago. The music has evolved quite a bit since those heady early days, but people still love to hear their old favorites. This is particularly true for those of us who spent our formative years dancing to early house beats--listening to those old records can really bring back the memories.

Finding Classic House Music

If you're a fan of classic house, you'll be happy to hear that there are plenty of people out there just like you. This has made it pretty easy to get your hands on classic house music--there are tons of compilations and mixes out there to feed the nostalgia for early house. A lot of these records, mixes and compilations are available from dealers on the Internet.

When buying classic house tracks, you usually have three choices. You can buy original or reprinted records, mix or reprint CDs, or you can download the tracks directly to your computer. If you're a DJ and you're looking to add some classic house to your collection, you'll definitely want to go with a good vinyl dealer that carries a lot of classic house.

Mix CDs are an interesting way to get your hands on classic house music, since many are made by professional DJs and contain over an hour of continuous dance music. There are actually DJs out there who will make a customized mix CD just for you, mixing together styles or even specific tracks that you've requested.

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