Dance Records

Written by Charles Peacock
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Whether you're a DJ or just a dance music enthusiast, nothing beats getting your favorite tracks on record. Not only does vinyl produce a better sound--it's also easier to mix and scratch with than other formats (which is why it's still the format of choice of most great DJs). Finding great dance records used to require making a trip to a specialty record shop, but the Internet has changed all of that.

Buying Dance Records Online

Only a few years ago, you'd have a really hard time finding dance records if you weren't lucky enough to live in a major city with a good record shop. These days, no matter where you live in the world, you can log on to a dance music website and have the most obscure records delivered to your door in a matter of days. The great thing about buying dance records online is that--in addition to the ease of shopping--the variety and choice is totally unparalleled.

Even the best record shop would have a hard time keeping thousands of obscure titles in stock at any one time. In the old days, good shops would still have to place special orders for particularly rare records. By shopping online, you have instant access to the main channels for obscure records. Since online retailers don't have to worry about the space restraints of a traditional shop, they're able to offer a much larger catalogue of records.

Any good online record retailer will also give you the ability to listen before you buy--a benefit that in many cases you don't even have if you're shopping in a store. Some of the best online record shops will actually let you listen to almost an entire track, which can be really helpful if you're trying to find just the right song for your mix.

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