Dj Records

Written by Charles Peacock
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DJs have very different needs than the average music consumer, as you're probably well aware. Unless you're running on a computer-based setup, downloadable digital tracks and CDs are relatively useless. What you need is vinyl, and lots of it. Luckily, the availability of DJ records has not decreased with the advent of digital music--in fact the situation nowadays is quite the opposite.

Looking for DJ Records Online

There are many different varieties of DJ records available online, and some websites only specialize in certain kinds of records. If all you're looking for is the latest Top 40 hits on 12" vinyl, you'll have an easy time finding a website that will cater to your needs. If your needs are more complex, you'll have to look for a site that carries specialized records.

Some vinyl websites are really geared towards electronic dance music, and if this is the type of music you're interested in, you'd be best served using this type of site. They have exhaustive catalogues of past and present hits, with tons or remixes and rare out of print tracks. They also cross-reference all of their records using genre keywords, which can make it really easy to find cool new tracks with a particular style or sound.

For DJs who are spinning for hip hop or rap battle crowds, there are also websites that specialize in these types of records. They'll have all the hip hop hits on vinyl, and they'll also carry a range of breaks and scratch records. Most of these records have tons of samples and beats that are perfect for mixing and scratching.

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