Event Lighting

Written by Samuel Wong
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In the not too distant past, cave people had no concern about whether the glow from the fire complemented the colors of paintings made in hopes of a productive hunt. Fire was used for light and for warmth and nothing more. Today, we modern humans have much more to be concerned with when lighting any room, especially a room where we're throwing a party.

Lighting has come a long way since Edison invented the light bulb. Everybody knows that a sparkly disco ball can draw some people to the dance floor, but in today's age of short attention spans and instant gratification, it can take a lot more than shining a light on a mirrored ball to energize the entire crowd. Today many party planners rely on laser lights and lights that move in time to the music to get people to shake their groove things.

Spotlight on Lighting

Numerous studies have been conducted on lighting, and they show that lighting can play a role in mood formation. You can spend countless hours trying to figure out exactly which colors are conducive to a festive environment. After your hours of research, you can spend just as much time setting everything up and making sure there are no cords and wires running across the floor for someone to stumble over.

The easiest way to take care of the lighting for your event is to hand the reins over to someone else. Many of today's mobile DJs work with people experienced in setting up perfect party lighting. Other DJ companies are able to the setup themselves, which can save you time and money.

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