Funky House Music

Written by Charles Peacock
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House music originated as a means to fill a void in the music world. When the days of disco were over, dance club fans found themselves without any new type of music to dance to. DJs picked up the slack by mixing and reworking existing funk and disco records, creating a totally new and extremely danceable style of music.

Characteristics of Funky House

As house music continued to develop, several offshoot styles emerged that had an entirely different feel. Jungle, for instance, had a much harder, faster edge to it, while trance had a more spacey, soft feel to it. In the middle of these genres are styles like funky house, which are medium-tempo, melodic, easy to follow and easy to dance to.

Funky house is usually characterized by an energetic bassline. Some house music tends to repeat as few as two bass notes over and over, creating a frenzied but somewhat repetitive sound. Funky house draws bumpy basslines from old funk and disco records, lending a bouncier feel to the music.

Some DJs prefer to spin different types of house throughout the night. If this is your style, you've probably found that funky house is great for spinning right at the peak hour. People have already gotten their groove on, and they're ready for a more complex, funky sound. Funky house is usually grouped with other keywords like deep house and jazzy house, but it is also available in a wider range of styles.

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