Hip Hop Records

Written by Charles Peacock
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Hip hop is a cultural movement that grew slowly in the 1960s and '70s and eventually found its way into mainstream American culture by the mid '80s. Today, hip hop culture is infused in everything from pop music to fashion to movies. It is one of the most powerful cultural phenomena this country has even seen, clearly on par with other music-based movements like jazz and rock n' roll.

Hip Hop Records: The Heart and Soul of Rap

Hip hop got its start in Jamaica in the 1960s, as DJs began spinning beats while talking over them. The style eventually made its way to New York City, where rap would flourish and become a major movement by the mid '80s. Rap has never forgotten its roots in the old school turntable, however, as even the most polished and modern hip hop tracks are always released on vinyl.

Since hip hop tracks have, from the very beginning, been based on vinyl breakbeats, the style is simply made for mixing and scratching. Good vinyl dealers carry all of the latest hits on vinyl, as well as beat, scratch and sample LPs that you can use to mix everything together. If you're looking for hip hop records, the Internet is a great place to start.

Internet vinyl dealers not only carry the latest records--they also have all of the old school hits you need to fill out your collection. One of the great joys of listening to live hip hop DJs is getting a chance to hear old hits mixed in with the new. The style has come a long way over the years, but it still manages to seamlessly blend past and present.

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