Karaoke Hosts

Written by Samuel Wong
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Ryan Seacrest may be most famous for his job hosting American Idol. However, when you really think about it, he's no more than a glorified karaoke host. While having Ryan Seacrest host your karaoke party may not be in your budget, you can find a DJ with the same amount of charisma and talent.

An experienced karaoke host will do more than just cue up the CDs for people to sing along with. He or she will be in charge of setting up all of the required equipment and making sure it's all in working order. He or she will introduce the up and coming stars as they take the stage to sing their hearts out. The host will also inspire the crowd to cheer and applaud, no matter how off key the last singer may have been.

Finding A Host with The Most

Experienced hosts will also know how to keep the party going, even between songs. He or she will play upbeat songs that will get people tapping their feet and snapping their fingers. You can even ask him or her to play a few fast-paced songs in a row so that if people want to dance, they will have ample opportunity to do so.

The best karaoke hosts will have an unparalleled song selection at their disposal. While some hosts feel it's sufficient to provide you and your guests with 1000 or 2000 songs to choose from, an expert host will provide you with nearly 20000 songs that you can sing along to. This can make your party even better, because your guests won't have to endure multiple renditions of "Summer Lovin'" or "Crocodile Rock."

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