Karaoke Parties

Written by Samuel Wong
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Karaoke got its start in Asia in the 1980s. In San Diego, many Chinese and Japanese restaurants have banquet rooms that double as karaoke rooms. If you hear off-key singing while you're eating Dim Sum or sushi, don't be alarmed. Someone's probably having a karaoke party in the next room.

The love of karaoke isn't limited to Asian restaurants. There are clubs and bars in Hillcrest, Pacific Beach, Normal Heights, and the Gaslamp Quarter that have karaoke nights where you can have your favorite drink and perform your best rendition of "Like a Virgin," "Beast of Burden," or any other song of your choosing.

Karaoke Can Make You Feel Like Kelly Clarkson

Karaoke has become so popular that people now have karaoke-themed parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and achievement of corporate goals. Some people have karaoke themed parties just because they're a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends and family. People who may be too shy to get up and sing at the bar won't feel as intimidated when they know everyone in the audience.

Many of the newer CD-player boom boxes come equipped with a karaoke feature that tones down the lead vocals, giving you the ability to sing along with the original background music. If you don't have one of those stereos, or your CD collection isn't anything to brag about, you can hire a DJ to host your karaoke event and you'll have nearly 20,000 songs to sing along to. Throw a karaoke party and you might find that your best friend could be the next Mariah Carey.

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