Karaoke Wedding Parties

Written by Samuel Wong
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If you like singing in the shower, in the car, and around the house, why not have a karaoke-themed party to celebrate your marriage? These days, people have grown accustomed to post-wedding celebrations with dinner and dancing. You can really shake things up when you and your new husband or wife take the stage for a rocking rendition of "Summer Lovin."

Many people find a dance floor to be more intimidating than a stage and a microphone. Adding karaoke to your wedding celebration gives everyone a chance to get in on the fun. There won't be a dry eye in the house when you hear your grandparents sing "You Belong to Me" to each other.

How About Singing with Your Spouse?

If you think having karaoke at your wedding reception won't give you a chance to shake your body on the dance floor, think again. Many professional karaoke DJs bring music for dancing to play in between songs or while people prepare for their turn on stage. You can instruct the DJ to play a few songs in between karaoke sets so that you can have the traditional father/daughter and mother/son dances at your reception. If one of your friends has a dynamite singing voice, you can have him or her sing the songs for those dances.

Karaoke gives you and your new spouse the opportunity to show your friends and family what a fun-loving, carefree couple you are. Before you start planning your post-wedding festivities, think about how much fun everyone will have singing and dancing together. With a karaoke wedding party, finally everyone will have a wedding video they won't mind watching again and again!

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