Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Written by Samuel Wong
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San Diego's mild climate is perfect for outdoor weddings. Just because the sun has gone down doesn't mean you can't celebrate your wedding outside. Using the right kind of lighting can create a magical experience any time of night.

The sun doesn't have to be shining for you to have a tropical-themed wedding. Instead of using conventional outdoor lighting, why not light your way with tiki torches? If you are exchanging vows on a patio or in a grove of palm trees, try hanging votive candles in hollowed-out coconuts to create a memorable deserted island atmosphere. Using citronella candles can help minimize the chances of being bugged by flies or mosquitoes at your event.

Sometimes You Need More Than Moonlight

There are numerous outdoor lighting options available that don't require an open flame. You can use whimsical street lights to light up an outdoor dining area. Those white lights you used last Christmas can be wrapped around a tree trunk or patio post to create a sparkling column of light. Many stores sell strings of single-colored lights, so you can even design your lighting scheme around the colors used in your wedding dress or tuxedo.

Even if your dance floor is outside, you won't have to worry about dancing in the dark. A professional lighting vendor can provide you with the flashing spotlights you're used to seeing at the hottest nightclubs. A professional lighting vendor can even create customized spotlights that light the way with your name, the date of your wedding, or the phrase of your choice.

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