San Diego Karaoke Djs

Written by Samuel Wong
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The latest karaoke machines can be somewhat complicated to use. You have to make sure the correct song is cued up and ensure that the screen that shows the song lyrics is set up correctly. Even after the basics are hooked up, you have to check and see that each microphone is functioning properly. Nobody wants to go on stage and have the wrong song start playing. Even worse is trying to sing like Mariah Carey when you've got a broken microphone.

A skilled karaoke DJ can keep things in order when everyone wants to get on stage and sing. Let's face it--nobody wants to wait for his or her chance at stardom, even if the closest thing to a talent scout in the crowd is a woman who works in the human resources department of her office. This chaos can be even greater if a karaoke party is accompanied by an open bar.

Sing Along with A Professional

Some karaoke parties I've been to suffer from lulls that occur between songs or when CDs go missing. A professional karaoke DJ will fill the time between songs with upbeat music that maintains the momentum of the party. You may even find that this music is great for dancing, too.

If you want to be guaranteed a painless karaoke experience, it's best to leave the music up to an expert. A DJ will bring all of the needed equipment as well as music for singing and music for dancing. All you'll have to bring is a good set of lungs, good friends, and some self confidence.

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