Theme Parties

Written by Samuel Wong
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One of my best friends is a Madonna fanatic. For his 18th birthday, his mom organized a Madonna-themed party and invited all of his school and church friends. Each of the girls that came to his party had to dress up like Madonna. He has a party every time his birthday rolls around, but he says that no party will ever compare to that Madonna party.

Theme parties can be planned around a single activity, such as a scrapbooking party, or they can dictate the decorations and overall atmosphere, such as a circus party or a costume party. They can be held on a special day, such as an Academy Awards party, complete with paparazzi and red carpet. These parties are more enjoyable because everybody's participation contributes to the overall success of the event.

Give Your Party A Theme

Your theme party doesn't have to be an elaborate affair. Fun can be had by all when you throw a pizza party where every guest makes his or her own pizza. Gather up a few decks of cards and some poker chips and throw a poker party. You're only limited by your imagination.

If you're out of ideas for your party, why not have an 80s party, where everyone dresses in parachute pants and fluorescent colors while 80s music plays in the background? Invite your best girlfriends over for a makeover party. Let your husband release his inner frat guy by throwing a toga party. Just be sure to hide all of the breakables before his buddies come over!

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