Theme Party Music

Written by Samuel Wong
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The guests at your big 80s-themed party will stop dead in their tracks if a song from Tone Loc or Britney Spears comes blasting through the speakers. Music like this is simply out of place and out of date for a party based around the exciting 80s. Before your first guest walks through the door, make sure your music fits the theme of your party.

Music can further enhance your themed party. Decorations and costumes can only go so far. If you close your eyes at a theme party, what you hear should be as related to the theme as what you see. If you're hosting a tropical party, make sure that only music with a tropical feel is on the playlist.

Let Your Ears Participate in Theme Party Fun

Many people like giving their parties themes that have sufficient complementary music. With any decade-themed party, you've got ten years of music with which to build your playlist. Only when you get into more elaborate themes does finding enough theme-appropriate music become a problem. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you might want to call in the professionals.

When you hire a DJ to handle the music for your theme party, you can be sure no one will hear music that doesn't belong. DJs have access to thousands of songs, giving you an evening of music without any repeats or gaps. Even if your party has a circus theme, you can be sure that your DJ will bring enough music to turn your home or banquet hall into a virtual big top.

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