Top Dance Music

Written by Charles Peacock
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Dance music is as old as music itself, and in many ways the thing that inspires musicians is to move people physically as well as emotionally. Dance music exists under virtually every different category of music, from Latin music to pop to electronic music and world music. Any tune that makes people's feet move can be considered dance music. What, then, is the top dance music out there? That depends on what you're looking for.

Finding Top Dance Music

If people are heading out for the night with the goal of shaking their bodies to the music, they usually have certain expectations. Some people want to hear songs they already know, others want to be moved and challenged by new sounds and styles of music. In every case, it's up to the DJ to live up to their expectations. If he doesn't, the people won't dance and the night won't be a success.

Most clubs have a particular type of music that they play, and they hire DJs who they know enjoy (and are good at) spinning those types of records. The best DJs stay on top of the latest releases so they are able to mix familiar tracks in with tracks they know people have not heard yet--but are going to love. This mix of the old and the new is an essential skill for any good DJ.

If you're looking for top dance music tracks, online record dealers are usually able to steer you in the right direction. They always keep lists of the hottest selling records, broken down into every conceivable category. This allows you to find out what other people are grooving to at any particular moment, so you can decide for yourself if you think it will move a crowd.

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