After Dinner Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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After dinner speakers can take a groggy, tired audience and breathe new life into them. Good after dinner speakers are sometimes better than a rich desert. Where keynote speakers bring gravity and seriousness, after dinner speakers traditionally operate on the lighter side of life. After a meal making small talk with strangers, audiences deserve a good laugh.

Someone like Rich Little can bring just the right mood to a post-dinner crowd. Rich Little, a native Canadian, is the impression king of American comedy. A master mimic, Little's repertoire includes seven U.S. Presidents and dozens of easily recognizable movie stars.

Little started work at age 12, answering back at school to teachers in their own voices. Since he couldn't get dates as himself, Little took to calling up girls as their favorite actor. A career was begun. Little's star rose in the 1960s with regular appearances on TV variety shows. In the 1970s, he had his own show for a spell, also hosting "The Tonight Show" 12 times. In 1974, Rich Little was named "Comedy Star of the Year."

After Dinner Speakers are Easy to Digest

Comedians like Rich Little can make dull nights memorable. Audiences go home with new jokes and impressions to try out on family and friends. Long after the chicken entree is forgotten, after dinner speakers will be remembered. Speakers Bureaus represent dozens, possibly hundreds, of after dinner speakers. The Internet is a great place to research the multitude of speakers available.

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