Business Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Business speakers include some of the most sought-after names in professional speaking. They are authors, scholars, and journalists. They are athletes and coaches. They are entertainers and motivators. All of them offer unique ways of encouraging us to get the most out of our businesses and our lives.

Change is the feared unknown in any business. Dr. Gary Bradt has made anticipating and dealing with change his specialty. His clients have included Walt Disney, General Motors, and IBM. A psychologist by training, Brandt has traveled the world through his association with Spencer Johnson's best-selling "Who Moved My Cheese?" Brandt has over 17 years of experience consulting with companies about leadership and change.

Bradt's message is deceptively simple. Instead of seeing change as stressful, Bradt's audiences are encouraged to see change as opportunity. We need to be able to think flexibly and adapt to new challenges. There is rarely such thing as a dead-end in business. Flexible thinkers can manage their way around new obstacles, use them to learn, and continue on to even greater success.

Business Speakers Make Profits Grow

Sometimes all it takes is hearing a simple formula for approaching problems to make us see our situation in a new light. Business speakers like Dr. Gary Bradt are expert at unlocking our problem-solving abilities. We are never as stuck as we think we are. Speakers Bureaus represent hundreds of business speakers. The Internet is the ideal place to begin your research into the subject.

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