Cape Cod Clambakes

Written by Scott Martin
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With its rich maritime history, Cape Cod clambakes come as no surprise to residents of the area. From the early clambakes of native residents of the region, to the regular gatherings of today, Cape Cod clambakes are held year-round. If you've ever been to a Cape Cod clambake, you know it's hard to say who is having a better time--out-of-towners enjoying the festivities, or residents feeling right at home.

From John F. Kennedy's Cape Cod clambakes, to the immortalization of the event in Elvis Presley's aptly named movie (and song), this region has given more press to the tradition of clambakes than any other. Arlo Guthrie sang an ode to the clambake, and the ensuing politics. And of course, Rodgers & Hammerstein dedicated a number in Carousel to this tradition, repeating that "this was a real nice clambake."

Attire for Cape Cod Clambakes

For a casual clambake, beach attire is generally acceptable. However, oftentimes there is an unspoken (or spoken) "no shorts" rule; if in doubt, make sure to wear long pants instead. Short-sleeved shirts are also welcomed for the casual clambake. Of course, if you are positive that your clambake will be entirely casual, you might even consider bringing a bathing suit along.

Of course, if you are attending a wedding with an ensuing clambake, you will want to dress appropriately. While no one expects tuxedos on the beach, suit and tie are considered appropriate if the wedding is near the beach but not on it. However, for a beach wedding and clambake, you can feel free to opt for khakis and a linen shirt.

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