Cape Cod Weddings

Written by Scott Martin
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Few areas in the world offer the peaceful romance of Cape Cod, with picturesque oceanside venues, and rich history. The same land that infatuated Henry David Thoreau in the early 19th century can become the backdrop for your Massachusetts wedding. But what does Cape Cod have to offer engaged couples, planning locations at which to take their vows?

Why Cape Cod Weddings?

From Provincetown to Plymouth, the towns that lie along Cape Cod each have a charm of their own. The town of Sandwich features brightly colored
blown glass, and the Heritage Plantation, sure to please out-of-town guests. Martha's Vineyard, of course, is renowned for it's isolated beauty, and makes a wonderful wedding destination, with its natural contrast of Gay Head's sand cliffs against the Cape's waters (imagine those wedding photos!).

Of course, if you are a hopeless romantic, the lure of the Cape Code beach wedding might be enough to draw you in on its own. If you're looking at seafood as a possible entree at your wedding reception, Cape Cod weddings offer the best of the Eastern Seaboard's cuisine. Another reason to settle on Cape Cod is to combine your wedding with a getaway for family members who might be traveling. Especially on the East Coast, weddings often draw in guests from other states--and Cape Cod is a destination many already consider a desirable destination.

Perhaps, though, local restaurants provide the perfect accent to the outdoor beauty and sumptuous catering services in the region. Planning a rehearsal dinner? Cape Code restaurants (even those that might be not be perfect for a reception) have a reputation for uniqueness and fine dining. Worried about your budget? Decide to have either your rehearsal dinner or your reception catered, and then opt for a restaurant for the alternate event.

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