Celebrity Appearances

Written by Will Baum
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Celebrity appearances bring electricity to an event that is hard to match through any other method. People are used to seeing celebrities at a distance, on the movie screen, on the playing field, or on TV. But these are real people. They exist off the screen, off the field. And though you wouldn't necessarily think it, a huge number of celebrities make themselves available for private appearances and events.

Think of the last time you saw a celebrity out in the world. Maybe it was at a restaurant, maybe it was out shopping. If you've visited Los Angeles, you know that celebrity spotting is a way of life there. No matter how jaded people are, they can't help but get a jolt from just seeing a celebrity in person. Even celebrities like to spot other celebrities.

Our dreams, aspirations, and fantasies are inevitably tied in some way to celebrities. They are in the DNA of our culture. So celebrity appearances at events can galvanize an audience. If just spotting a celebrity can change someone's day, how about having a celebrity come give a talk?

Celebrity Appearances Light Up a Room

Celebrity appearances turn uninspiring gatherings into true events. People leave a celebrity event with something to tell their family and friends. Now, if their kids start acting up, they have a new ally to cite: "Erin Brockovich says finish what's on your plate!" It's one thing to hear management's dreams of success, it's quite another to hear from a successful person just how they got there.

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