Celebrity Athletes

Written by Will Baum
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Celebrity athletes are the universally adored fixtures of modern-day life. Where taste and political stripe will bring disagreement about the relative value of celebrities from entertainment and politics, heroes of the sports world are beloved by all. Children idolize them; adults want to be them.

Take someone like Joe Montana. Celebrity athletes of Joe Montana's caliber are instantly recognizable to almost every American. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Montana went to Notre Dame where he began as the seventh string quarterback. He battled his way to starting position, and in 1977, he helped bring the team a college championship.

It was on the San Francisco 49ers, who drafted Montana in 1979, that the legendary QB made his real mark. He became starting quarterback in 1980 and two years later led the 49ers to Super Bowl victory, winning the MVP for that year. Three Super Bowl victories followed, in 1985, 1989, and 1990. Montana became the first player to win the Super Bowl MVP three times. Age and injury forced Montana to retire, a true sports hero, in 1994.

Celebrity Athletes Walk Among Us

People revere champions like Joe Montana as bigger than life, and imagine them to be completely inaccessible. In fact, that's not the case. Celebrity athletes from Joe Montana to Magic Johnson to Pete Rose frequently make public appearances at private and corporate events, inspiring audiences with the inside stories of their glory days. People like Joe Montana--aka "Joe Cool"--enjoy reliving their greatest moments. And why shouldn't they?

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