Celebrity Spokesperson

Written by Will Baum
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Celebrity Spokesperson Magic Johnson most likely never expected to become a symbol for surviving with HIV. The basketball legend announced his retirement in 1991. He was one of the Los Angeles Laker's key players through several championship wins, but now he had tested positive for the HIV virus. Ever since then, he has represented the possibility of living with the disease for millions. His Magic Johnson Foundation funds HIV and AIDS prevention and education.

Former "Charlie's Angel" Kate Jackson is celebrity spokesperson for the American Heart Association. At 45, she had surgery to repair a hole in her heart that she'd had since birth. Heart disease runs in her family. She was a natural fit.

Not every celebrity spokesperson has such a direct connection to the product or cause they represent. High profile athletes, entertainers, and public figures can use their celebrity status to raise awareness for just about anything. Speakers Bureaus specialize in connecting the right celebrities with right clientele.

Finding the Right Celebrity Spokesperson

Many companies have had particular success at matching celebrity and product. Sure, many matches become the punchline for countless late-night TV jokes, but that's partly the point. All that TV time would have cost a fortune in advertising. The right type of media attention is exactly what a celebrity spokesperson can bring. Finding the perfect match of celebrity and product or cause isn't necessarily simple. The Internet is a great place to get started with celebrity spokesperson research.

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