Clam Boils

Written by Scott Martin
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Clam boils take the tastiness and fun of clambakes and put them in a slightly easier format. Rather than baked in a pit or above ground as they are in clambakes, clam boils involve boiling the clams in steaming hot water. The clams can be seasoned as you wish, resulting in an array of possibilities for flavor choices. Since clam boils are far less labor intensive than traditional clambakes, they are much more feasible for smaller groups.

What to Expect with Clam Boils

Much like their sister tradition clambakes, clam boils originated in the north-eastern United States, specifically old Southeastern Massachusetts. Soft shell steamer clams are most commonly used for clam boils. You simply boil a pot of water, season as you wish and add the clams. Once they are cooked, your main dish is complete.

A traditional clam boil includes other hearty dishes in addition to clams. Pork sausage links and hot dogs are expected at clam boils. Corn and potatoes complement the clams well and lobster is a special treat for all the guests. It's nice to finish off the meal with some fresh fruit, particularly watermelon and other summer fruits. Beer is the most popular beverage with the meal.

If you're interested in having a clam boil but minus some of the preparation work, there are many companies that offer the meals prepared for you. Many companies also offer fully catered events, servicing groups both big and large. You can usually choose the exact menu items you want as well as the general mood of the entire meal and event.

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