Clambake Caterers

Written by Scott Martin
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Clambake caterers take the stress out of your clambake, and let you be nothing other than the perfect host. Especially if you're considering a party where you are the guest of honor (such as a birthday or graduation party), you'll want to have your hands free for congratulatory handshakes. With the services of clambake caterers, you don't have to lift a finger, from preparation to clean-up.

What Clambake Caterers Take Care of

Of course, the first and foremost job of clambake caterers is to prepare the victuals. You can usually choose whether you prefer a pit-style clambake, or pan-style. Usually, clambake caterers can also provide tents, tables, and chairs, if needed. Some clambake caterers can even provide (or recommend) a location for you, to take the guesswork out of the entire process.

Caterers should also provide the standard lobster bibs, metal crackers for easy maneuvering, and lobster picks. They will usually arrive about an hour before serving time, to fully prepare. Finally, they should stay to clean and pack up, and will also handle side dishes and additional food items.

Alternatives to Clambake Caterers

Of course, if you are not within the catering area, you might consider having your clambake delivered, ready to go. You can receive everything you'll need delivered to your doorstep, needing minimal preparation. This is a wonderful way for those not located on the Eastern Seaboard to appreciate clambakes at home.

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