Clambake Catering

Written by Scott Martin
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Clambake catering can bring the magic of a real clambake to any party or gathering. Often used to celebrate family reunions, anniversaries and corporate affairs, clambakes bring a real sense of fun and festivity to events. When the weather is nice enough to be outdoors, you can add a sense of tradition to a party with clambake catering.

Before There Was Clambake Catering

Clambakes originated in pre-colonial times in the New England area of the United States. Native tribes would dig extremely large pits in the ground, often in the sandy beach areas. They would then wrap heated rocks in seaweed and place the rocks in the pits.

The hot rocks and seaweed create steam that cooks the food later placed in the pit. The seaweed also serves to give the clams a salty, fresh flavor. Early settlers to the New England area adopted clambakes from the native tribes. Since then, clambakes have evolved into a long-lived autumn tradition. Clambakes are associated with coastal areas since you need soft ground such as sand to dig the pits.

You'll find more than just clams at the average clambake. Other succulent dishes commonly cooked over the pits include lobster, corn on the cob and chicken. You can generally include any type of food you enjoy in your clambake menu. In addition to the excellent food, you'll also find a great atmosphere at your average clambake. They are often used as a great way to bring in the fall season.

Clambake Catering for Any Event

Clambakes tend to be fairly labor intensive. From digging the pit and heating the rocks to preparing the seaweed and baking the food, it can take the average person quite a while, especially if the clambake is for a large group. Thankfully, clambake catering companies can make your job incredibly easy. With a company, you have to do little except sit back and enjoy the food and fun.

Clambake catering involves cooking for groups as small as 20 to as large as 500. Since today's clambake catering companies have taken the traditional clambake in many different directions, you can choose exactly the type of clambake you want for your gathering. Some people prefer the traditional clambake while others desire a more modern bake with a pan over open flames. You can often choose the overall ambiance of the cookout--elegant and posh to relaxed and casual.

A clambake catering company will take care of everything for you, from the food to the setup. They provide chairs, tables, tents and dishware for the event, in addition to the great food and beverages. They can also generally accommodate you no matter what specifics you have in mind. The cleanup is also handled by the company, so you don't have to worry about a mess in the end.

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