Clambake Parties

Written by Scott Martin
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In all candor, one of the speeches at my high school graduation compared the future to clambake parties. I believe it was the valedictorian who ended his comments with the phrase, "Life is a giant clambake!" If you've ever been to a few boisterous clambake parties, you understand what a wonderful outlook this truly is.

Of course, like most events, you'll want to follow a few basic rules for planning your clambake parties. They tend to be more popular during the spring months, when there is less chance of rain. Of course, with proper covering, such as a rented tent, even a good shower can't stop your clambake from progressing.

Do Clambake Parties Only Serve Clam?

It's a common misconception that clambake parties consist of clams galore, and little else. Quite the contrary, clambakes often include menu items such as oysters, jumbo shrimp, and of course, clam chowder. It's also not unusual to find lobster, linguincia, and corn on the cobs or potatoes.

Of course, if you want to further customize your clam bake menu, most clambake party caterers are happy to help you do so. You can add mussels, chicken, salads--and even steak. Oftentimes a raw seafood bar is served as an opening appetizer, so that your guests can begin to socialize and nibble as they arrive.

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