Conference Registration

Written by Steven Alexander
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A thorough, accurate conference registration is the cornerstone of a successful, well-organized event. Your conference registration needs to succeed in two different areas. First, it must gather pertinent information about every person who will be attending. Second, it must disseminate important information to these same attendees.

Communicating with a Conference Registration

The success of a large event or conference rests in the participants' communication skills. For example, you can plan the most marvelous seminars in the world for a conference, but unless you promote them with vivid descriptions, and advertise them with accurate "when and where" information, who's going to attend? Your online event registration is your first chance to promote these events.

As potential attendees scroll through the online conference sign up, they can read about what your event has to offer. Just listing "beach barbecue, 4:00 to Sunrise" isn't enough. Describe the foods, the atmosphere, the live music, the volleyball. If you have taken the time to create some truly wonderful events, shouldn't you take the time to promote them?

The more people participate in a conference, the more they will get out of it. Remember that your conference registration is also your chance to learn important information about your attendees. How many of your attendees will need wheelchair access, or a sign language interpreter? How many have dietary restrictions? By gathering important information, you will ensure the enjoyment of all.

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