Corporate Entertainment Events

Written by Will Baum
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Corporate entertainment events can and do include just about every type of entertainment under the sun. A corporate event can be a Sheryl Crow rock concert, a Jay Leno comedy set, a David Halberstam lecture, or a simple meet-and-greet with a sports legend like Johnny Bench. There are literally hundreds of entertainers, sports figures, and people from public life who are regulars on the circuit of corporate entertainment events.

Oftentimes, corporate entertainment events are superior to what is available to the general public. Big-name performers, usually a speck on a far-away stage, appear at intimate venues for corporate clients. Celebrities usually locked away in gated mansions come out to meet event attendees face to face.

Corporate Entertainment Events Can Excite

Corporate entertainment events offer us an opportunity to experience something we've never done or long forgotten. Many employees have long-since stopped considering going to a rock show. That was something they did in their youth. Now, with kids and babysitters and responsibilities, rock concerts are off the to-be-considered list.

The next thing they know, they're just feet away from Sheryl Crowe as she's belting out "All I Wanna Do." She's right there, like she stepped out of the television. She's doing amazing versions of her biggest hits, and the audience is going nuts--as if they've been locked in the town from "Footloose" for twenty years, forbidden to dance.

Sometimes the excitement you see at corporate entertainment events far exceeds what you'd witness even at a public concert. At corporate entertainment events, audiences are no longer jaded teens, too cool to be seen having fun. These are hard-working adults. Given the chance to have a good time, they're going to take it.

Corporate Entertainment Events Can Inspire
Other corporate entertainment events call less for dancing than for laughs or deep thought. Many of the best comedians in the business are regulars at corporate entertainment events. They include Jay Leno, Al Franken, and Richard Lewis. They have acts precisely honed for corporate audiences. Many comedians will research a client and do comedy specific to that client, folding the names of managers or notorious company happenings into their routines.

Research is also often key for many of the hundreds of speakers who frequently are called to corporate events. Motivational and inspirational speakers will find out what's running less-than-perfectly at a company and, in their presentation, offer fixes. Other regular speakers at corporate entertainment events take a different approach. They have rich life experience to share, bringing lessons in leadership and success. A legendary football coach like Don Shula, for example, knows a little something about teamwork. Someone like Magic Johnson knows a thing or two about handling the unexpected with grace.

Tracking down talent for a corporate entertainment event isn't a job to leave to the Human Resources Department. There are Speakers bureaus who make it their business to service companies seeking talent for corporate entertainment events. The Internet is a terrific resource for researching the dizzying variety of entertainment choices available.

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