Corporate Entertainment Planners

Written by Will Baum
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Corporate entertainment planners have a surprisingly deep arsenal when it comes to making corporate events memorable. Musicians who the general public may only be able to see in giant venues can be hired to play intimate rooms for corporate clients. Corporate entertainment planners have access to top name actors, comedians, and other media personalities, from Jay Leno to Adam Sandler to the Temptations.

Or how about Sheryl Crow? In these days of bubble-gum, pre-fab pop celebrity, Sheryl Crow stands alone as a genuine rock star. She is a singer-songwriter of the old school, writing and belting out hook-laden songs that are among the best on modern radio.

Crow got her start as a back-up singer for Eric Clapton, Don Henley, Michael Jackson, and Rod Stewart. It was when she joined forces with a handful of Los Angeles musicians for regular jams that the Sheryl Crow we know today began to emerge. The album that resulted from those musical meetings was "Tuesday Night Music Club," which included the huge hit, "All I Wanna Do." Crow went on to produce her second album on her own, netting two giant hits, "If It Makes You Happy," and "Everyday is a Winding Road." More records and more hits followed.

Corporate Entertainment Planners Can Reel in the Big Fish

Sheryl Crow is only one of the big names that corporate entertainment planners book with regularity. Of course, not all budgets can manage the prices that top-name talent may demand. Don't despair; the list of available entertainers is extremely long. The Internet is a terrific resource for researching what kind of acts corporate entertainment planners can get you.

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