Corporate Event Venues

Written by Scott Martin
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Choosing corporate event venues can mean more for the events planner than attendees sometimes. While conferences, meetings, and retreats are geared towards those who attend, ultimately, it's the event planner who receives the glory (or, unfortunately, the blame). With so much to think about in preparation for corporate events, the venue should be decided upon carefully, to ensure all needs and expectations will be met.

Things to Consider When Choosing Corporate Event Venues

First, you will want to make sure the venue provides all of the audio and visual equipment you will need to utilize. While it's possible to bring some of these supplies with you, nothing's worse than realizing that you will not have access to a projector screen right before a presentation. Make sure to make inquiries beforehand, and to thoroughly check that everything will be in place days before your event.

Perhaps one of the most basic questions to ask is what the capacity of the venue is, for safety and adequate seating. You'll also want to consider tables and catering, and whether you will need to rent outdoor furniture or tents, should your event take place outside. Of course, distance and location are also important considerations, as you want to be sure that all guests can easily access the location from their hotels, jobs, or highways.

If you are planning a lunch, dinner, or breakfast function, you'll want to plan for food. Even at corporate event venues where catering is not handled, you usually can swing a coffee, tea, and pastry service for little or no charge. However, if you're planning more of a mealtime event, you'll want to secure catering with plenty of time beforehand.

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