Corporate Motivational Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Corporate motivational speakers are expert at lighting a fire under any audience, no matter how tired or jaded. These are energetic and inspiring speakers who make it their business to enliven and reinvigorate their audiences. Many are so effective that corporate clients have them back time and time again.

Erin Brockovich is one such speaker. Made famous beyond her own imagining by the movie that bears her maiden name, Erin Brockovich has become a symbol for perseverance against impossible odds and fighting for what is right. The film tells the story of Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts, who, as a law clerk, pursued PG&E for leaking toxins into ground water, creating serious health hazards for nearby residents. The class action suit that Brockovich helped engineer won the largest settlement ever seen at the time, $333 million.

Brockovich is the author of "Take It From Me; Life Is a Challenge, But You Can Win." Today, she spends as much as 80% of her time on the lecture circuit. Brockovich talks about lessons learned in childhood that helped her when fighting the case made famous by the movie. Her story helps us remember just how much a little elbow grease and gumption can get done.

Corporate Motivational Speakers Get Us on Track

Not all corporate motivational speakers are like Erin Brockovich. Many come from the corporate world, where they have gleaned hard-earned lessons about leadership and success. They are like ministers of business truth, excitedly preaching their gospel, hoping to convert new recruits to their way of thinking. Speakers bureaus represent corporate motivational speakers of all kinds. The Internet is the perfect place to begin searching for the speaker who most interests you.

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