Corporate Spokesperson

Written by Will Baum
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A corporate spokesperson can change the way people think about your company. The right match of personality with company is essential. The right spokesperson is trustworthy, professional, and hopefully shares many values with the corporation he or she is representing.

Dell Inc. had huge success with a fictional spokesperson, the "Dell Dude," a surfer kid who showed up in Dell commercials smiling as he said, "You're getting a Dell." The campaign boosted Dell's brand recognition and huge sales followed. Soon, the beloved Dell Dude was making appearances on morning and late-night television. Finally, Dell decided that the Dell Dude was overshadowing the company and they put him out to pasture. (Shortly after that, the Dell Dude was caught in a minor pot bust. Dell was very happy to have gotten rid of him just in time.)

A Corporate Spokesperson Is the Human Face of a Company

Not every corporate spokesperson is uniquely identified with a company. The allegiance may be temporary, lasting only for the duration of a trade show, convention, or campaign. Speakers Bureaus represent dozens of people who are readily available for this and other purposes.

"Saturday Night Live" cast member, Darrell Hammond, is one of the more imaginative choices for corporate spokesperson. Hammond, a master impressionist, has a huge repertoire of people he performs as, including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Koppel, and Regis Philbin. Perhaps the real Bill Clinton isn't available to represent your company. Consider getting Hammond's Bill Clinton to do the job. He's more affordable, funnier, and probably a better sport about intern jokes.

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