Diversity Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Diversity speakers are the great group of professional speakers who happen not to be either white or male. This growing niche of the speaking circuit offers a welcome alternative to the cacophony of homogenous voices that has for so long dominated at podiums across America. Diversity speakers include everyone from comedians to politicians and just about everything in between.

Take Rebecca Walker. Walker is the author of "Black, White & Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self." Her parents, Mel Leventhal and Alice Walker, met and married during the heat of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Born in 1969 in Jackson, Mississippi, Walker was raised in San Francisco and New York City. After graduating from Yale University, she founded the Third Wave Direct Action Corporation, dedicated to helping increase activism and leadership among young women. Working in inner cities across the country, Third Wave registered more than 20,000 new voters in its first summer.

A prolific journalist and writer, Walker was named "Feminist of the Year" by the Fund for the Feminist Majority and "one of the fifty future leaders of America" by Time magazine. Walker speaks regularly about activism, feminism, and the future of the country to audiences nationwide.

Diversity Speakers Bring a New Perspective

Diversity speakers like Rebecca Walker have a unique perspective to share. They sometimes bring life lessons far different than those of the traditional event speakers, the entertainer, the management expert, and the quarterback. Diversity speakers help audiences see their own lives through fresh eyes, a bracing and most often rewarding experience. The Internet is an excellent resource for information about the wide range of diversity speakers available for booking.

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