Event Registration

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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A successful event begins with successful event registration. Whether you are planning a corporate executives' weekend, a convention for professionals, or a week long networking holiday for affiliated non-profit groups, good event registration is an absolute must. Thoroughness is key: everything from your event form registration to your event planning tools must be thorough, and accurate.

Providing truly thorough event registration is not easy. These days, of course, the registration should all be done online. Most event planners don't even offer the option of registering by mail or fax anymore. The Internet is simply an easier, cleaner way to register, for both the attendees who are signing up, and the event planners who are organizing them.

Event Registration: Thorough Online Forms

An online registration form should ask for a lot more information than Mr. / Miss / Ms. or "number of guests in your party." For example, if the corporation is paying for and organizing the attendees' flights, the registration should inquire about any requirements. Will attendees need kosher meals, wheelchair service, a window seat or an aisle seat? Do they have frequent flyer miles? Do they have a preferred airline?

The questions only continue with the hotel. If accommodations are included in the event, does the attendee have a choice of hotel? Do they want a single, double, or suite? Will they want a smoking or non-smoking room? Attendees will also want information available to them about each hotel choice, since Mr. Smith might require a hotel gym, while Mr. Jones requires a cocktail bar.

In other words, good event registration is as much about providing information as it is about asking questions. Whether describing the swimming pool and restaurants at the hotel where guests will stay, or describing different events offered to attendees throughout their trip, providing attendees with accurate information is a must. It's not enough to say, Join us for a beach party or a spa treatment or an evening of dancing and music. If you want people to take advantage of the fun events you are offering, you've got to promote them.

Promoting Activities as Part of the Event Registration

Event planners work hard to offer fun, interesting activities to their guests. However, unless these activities are promoted, most attendees won't take advantage of them. Event registration information should include more than the bare minimum. Instead of simply telling attendees where to be, what to where, and how long an activity will take, a good event planner should promote the activities with vivid, appealing description.

Of course, colorful photographs will make the activities more appealing, too. Perhaps you should include a brochure listing and promoting activities and seminars the next time you plan an event. After all, if you are gathering a group of people together, separate from their normal work place and normal work week, you really want to make the most of their presence.

Event registration is done online, but not every aspect of an event is so high-tech. Good old-fashioned items like name tags are still a must. Attendees who register up to a certain point will have pre-printed name tags waiting for them at check in. An incentive for early registration might be a discounted, "early bird special" price on any activities the attendees must pay for. Early registration is desirable, since it helps every aspect of your event to run more smoothly.

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