Family Reunion Ideas

Written by Scott Martin
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Family reunion ideas are most certainly on your mind if you have the big event looming in the future. No family reunion is a small affair. If the reunion includes the entire extended family as most reunions do, you're most likely in for quite a large group.

Family Reunion Ideas to Keep Everyone Happy

The beauty of families is often found in the diversity within them. With so many different people, there are bound to be many varied preferences. When it comes to gathering everyone in one location at one time, you want to plan an event that everyone will enjoy. Try to think of family reunion ideas that can please most types of people. A river-rafting trip may not be the best reunion idea if you know members of the family to be scared of rigorous activities.

Since family members will most likely be flying in from various locations, it's a great idea to choose a weekend vacation spot for the reunion. San Diego, Miami and Cape Cod are very popular spots for family reunions. It's a good idea to choose an area with good weather and lots of available activities so everyone can keep occupied and happy.

There will undoubtedly be many meals throughout the time that the family is gathered. Planning meals for large groups can often be quite a headache as restaurants have difficult times serving large parties. Consider barbecues and clambakes as fun meal options that gather the family outdoors for an exciting event that includes more than just the food.

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