Fundraiser Events

Written by Will Baum
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Fundraiser events can raise enormous amounts of money for a great cause. A well-run fundraiser leaves donors feeling good. They're part of a family, not just a walking checkbook. Fundraisers should be memorable events. Even the schoolyard bake sale or car wash gives something back to donors. Big time fundraiser events can do the same.

A simple, time-honored way to draw guests to a fundraiser is by having a great speaker as the centerpiece of the event. Fundraiser events featuring beloved figures from entertainment, sports, or public life give back something more than a cookie or a clean car. They award donors' generosity by being thought provoking, hilarious, or inspiring--sometimes all three.

Fundraiser Events Tips

There are a few simple guidelines to follow before putting together any fundraiser events: First, have a clear sense of mission. If you don't know exactly why it is important to be raising money for your cause, it will be impossible to communicate that need effectively to anyone else. Second, know precisely what you will do with the money you have raised. People will ask, and it's a fair question. Third, how much are you trying to raise. Without clear goals, how do you know when you've succeeded?

With those very simple questions answered, you are ready to begin. Finding the right speaker is the next hurdle. There are Speakers Bureaus who represent hundreds of professionals--most likely someone who would be a fit with your organization. The Internet is a great place to begin researching everything you'll need for any fundraiser events.

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