Mail Order Clambakes

Written by Scott Martin
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For many New Englanders, holding a clam bakes is an annual tradition--and for enthusiastic seafood lovers, there's cause for a clambake most months of the year! This is one tradition that is most often missed by many people who have moved away from the region, and spend their time dreaming of socializing and enjoying the food at clambakes. While quality seafood is available across the country, it is not the same as having seafood that was caught locally; and there's something special about the nature of the clambake itself that makes it irreplaceable..

Contents of Mail Order Clambakes

Of course, it is now possible to have fresh New England seafood delivered to your own home, anywhere in the country. There are many wonderful distributors of mail order clambakes, and most are accessible online now--although many of these companies have rich histories, even dating back more than 50 years. They can send you overnight everything you need to host your own clambake.

There are a wide variety of options that can be included in mail order clambakes. Most include fresh New England lobster and steamer clams. Other common menu items are sweet potatoes, clam chowder, and corn on the cob, for a complete and nutritious meal.

In addition to the food items, you need some special utensils to make your clambake as enjoyable as possible. Useful items that come with many mail order clambakes are lobster picks and metal crackers to help getting to the lobster meat. You will also need a larger pot to boil the lobster and clams, which is one of the only things not usually provided by your supplier.

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