Maine Clambakes

Written by Scott Martin
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Maine clambakes are perhaps one of the most famous variations on this long-standing culinary tradition. Of course, it's an intricate process, and one that is exceptional when left to the self-proclaimed "bakemasters." If you're considering having your next function catered by one of these Maine clambake veterans, here's a little sneak peak inside the process.

What Goes in to Maine Clambakes?

One of the most popular Maine clambakes is the traditional lobster clambake. First, the lobsters are caught by fishermen, and their claws are fastened with elastic bands, to prevent harm to handlers. Once they are delivered, the elastic bands are eliminated, and the lobsters, vegetables, mussels, and clams are layered in preparation. Next, the bakemaster will cover this layering and ensure that the wood fire is burning at maximum temperatures.

It's highly important for the bakemaster to check the fire during the cooking time. This might seem like perfectionism, but it also is necessary to make sure that all the ingredients are cooked at the desired rate. Maine bakemasters have a knack for knowing when the process is completed, and removes the cover to test the seafood.

When uncovered, the amount of steam released is truly amazing, after the cooking process. The clambake cooks from the bottom up, so the bottom layer generally finishes first. From there, final preparations are completed, and served to Maine's residents and guests.

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