Massachusetts Clambakes

Written by Scott Martin
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Massachusetts clambakes are one of the most popular party choices for those on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. With savory seafood, plenty of fixings, and loads of fun, these gatherings are about more than merely the food--they're about tradition, friends, and family. And when they're done right, there's hardly a more exciting alternative to the outdoor party.

History of Massachusetts Clambakes

Clambakes date back to the pre-colonial era, when Native Americans would gather food from the shores. After creating large pits, they would fill them with heated stones, adding seaweed to create steam and cook food. With this practice, the clambake was born, and Massachusetts clambakes have continued ever since.

Potatoes and corn have become another clambake staple in modern clambakes. Clam chowder, of course, is also a popular addition (and one that makes sense!) to the modern clambake. It's a myth that only clams are served at the modern clambake--usually an array of seafood, including lobsters, mussels, and even non-seafood entrees such as chicken and steak are sometimes served.

Today, the Massachusetts clambakes of old have expanded, even past the New England region. A popular pastime in coastal cities along the East Coast, clambakes are regularly held in Texas, California, and the northernmost states. Additionally, with the advent of internet ordering and delivery, non-coastal states are also enjoying clambakes, with ready-made deliveries of clambake dinners becoming a popular option.

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