Motivational Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Motivational speakers can ignite passion in the most jaded of audiences. Motivational speaking is a precise art--perhaps the flip-side of stand-up comedy. It's one person, with a microphone, grabbing an audience. But where a stand-up aims for laughs, motivational speakers want their audiences to be moved and inspired. They want their audiences to leave their seats changed.

A great motivational speaker connects with an audience at a visceral level. The best motivational speakers can turn mundane meetings into memorable, potentially live-altering events. They tap into our dreams, our fears, and our hopes. We leave a great presentation feeling a new sense of ourselves, of our possibilities.

Motivational speakers come from every possible walk of life. Some bring stories of great triumph over adversity; others have devised formulas for success. Some connect with laughter, others with deep and painful emotion. Motivational speakers include such disparate personalities as Deborah Norville, Richard Simmons and Jesse Ventura. Anyone can try to be a motivational speaker, but only a few have the knack to truly hold a room. These are the professionals.

Motivational Speakers on the Net

Speakers bureaus represent hundreds of different motivational speakers. Sports heroes, comedians, authors, psychologists--all are available for private speaking engagements. The Internet is an ideal place to begin searching for motivational speakers. Once you have narrowed down your search, you can often request videotape demos to help you make a final decision. If you aren't inspired, chances are the same will be true for your audience.

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