New England Clam Boils

Written by Scott Martin
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New England clam boils are steeped in tradition, and provide plenty of fun, from the kitchen to the table. The art of the clam boil begins by tying clams into cheesecloth bags, to ensure a cool temperature. Next, potatoes are usually quartered; and while it's up to your taste, potato skins are generally left intact. Onions are then blanched briefly, de-skinned, and then cut into their roots in preparation.

Once you have prepared the onions and potatoes, you'll want to steam them together for about half an hour. Boiled sausages should then be added, and arranged over the vegetable mix. Shucked corn then is sliced, and melted butter bowls are prepared for placing on the tables at mealtime.

Finishing the Cooking for New England Clam Boils

Next, you'll want to prepare the clam boil broth. This usually consists of water, beer, red pepper flakes, and minced garlic, to which the clams and corn are added and then steamed.

Of course, don't make the mistake of tossing your clam juice down the sink! One of the best parts of traditional New England clam boils is the clam juice itself! You can empty it into a container, and give each guest a cup of it with his or her meal.

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